Awarded RFPs

Customer Relationship Managment Software – 06/11/18

Audiovisual Development and Software Production – 2/5/18

Technology Consulting Services – 2/5/18

Marketing/PR RFP – 3/21/17

Site Utility Services RFP – 3/14/16

Bond Underwriting Services RFP – 3/14/16

     Exhibit A – EDC Resolution

Museum Food Service RFP – 1/28/16

     Museum Food Service Q&A – 02/08/16

     Museum Food Service Q&A – 02/15/16

Museum Retail RFP – 1/28/16

Financial Advisory Services RFP – 1/18/16

IT/Security RFQ – 11/6/15

     Supplemental Info./Q&A

     IT/Security Exhibit

Materials Testing RFP – 11/3/15

     Geotechnical Report Exhibit

     Schematic Design Exhibit

MEP Systems Commissioning RFQ – 11/6/15

     Supplemental Info./Q&A

     Geotechnical Report Exhibit

     Schematic Design Exhibit

Demolition Abatement RFP – 9/22/15

     Demolition Exhibits

The U.S. Olympic Museum will be a timeless institution that reflects Team USA pride and helps visitors experience the thrill of the Games. As future generations of champions realize their dreams, the museum will grow and evolve alongside them, providing an ever-fresh experience with each visit.